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Mis-Punched Door Rails

Light up the Night !! With our 1 Incandescent Teardrop Light

You are looking at 1 long lasting, Low Voltage Draw, 12 Volt Teardrop Trailer Teardrop Light with a built in on/off Switch. Made of durable high impact plastic with a White frame and White switch. This light comes with a Frosted and Clear lens. We use this light in the teardrop trailers that we build and find it both attractive and durable with easy installation due to the built in on/off switch.

Price $1.95 for 1
Also available in 3 pack for $4.95
Also available in 6 pack for $12.95 free shipping (only)

Measurement: 6 1/2" Long x 4 1/4" wide x 2" Tall

4' Aluminum Trim Edge Molding

VERY FLEXIBLE-  EASY TO BEND. This trim I use, works excellent when I trim my rear galley lid, counter top and hinge side. This trim also has several other useful applications. 

We ship this product in a tube and will combine multi piece orders up to 12 pieces of trim together to help save on cost of shipping.

Sale Price $3.00 each

​Measurement: 1/4" wide x 7/8" tall


"Hardly Noticeable"

See Pictures

* Door(s) fits: 36″H X 30″W * Available in LH and RH rough opening with 4.75″ 2 corner radius corners.

​Door(s) include:
Black interior / Black exterior
Tinted 18” x 28” RV Window
½ vent with screen
Drip cap
Interior beauty ring
Locking door handle

Door(s) include:
Black interior / Black exterior
Tinted RV Window W/ Screen
½ vent with screen
Drip cap
Interior beauty ring
Locking door handle

Price:  $300.00 Each picked up
****Shipping Available*****