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Vintage Technologies DO-It- Yourself RV Window Installation Guide

Installing a window in your RV is easier than you might think. First timers should plan on 1-2 hours to complete a window installation. To make this as easy as possible, we have provided step-by-step instructions for this Do-it-yourself project.

Tools needed. Your new window is shipped with all the parts you need for a complete installation: Window and Frame, Interior Trim Ring, Screws and seal. The only tools you will need is a Screw Gun (preexisting opening). If cutting new opening a metal cutting jigsaw blade, step drill bits, and screw gun will be required for install.

Step 1.Prepare the window opening.

  • If you are installing a replacement window you will begin by removing the old window. To do this, remove all the screws around the perimeter of the window frame (inside the vehicle). Once the screws are removed, the window is pushed out of the opening applying force from the inside out.
  • If you are installing a window in a new opening, start by tracing the perimeter of the Interior window frame on a piece of cardboard. Tape cardboard template to desired location and trace around template. Remove template and drill holes near each corner with step bit to fit jigsaw blade. Follow along the marked line until cutout is complete.

Step 2.Verify window fit.

  • Test fit the new window by simply placing it in the rough opening to ensure a proper fit.

          The exterior window flange should overlap the opening by 3/8" or more to provide a good seal to the sidewall. A small gap on the                   inside between 1/8"-1/4" is expected and will be covered by the trim ring when the installation is complete.

Step 3.Prepare and install the new window.

  • Lay the new window face down on a soft surface careful not to scratch it and apply seal if it is not provided. Start in the center of the bottom side of the window and apply the seal tape flush all the way around the perimeter until the ends meet (Note: There should not be a gap where the seal ends meet).
  • Place the window into the opening from outside the vehicle, while a second person aligns the trim ring holes to the channel on the interior side of the window. (Note: When installing a horizontal window, the stationary window should face towards the front of trailer and weep hole plugs should only be removed on the bottom.)
  •  Begin fastening the trim ring with the provided screws, starting with the 4 corners first. Work your way around the perimeter gradually tightening each screw as you go. This will gently pull the trim ring and window together. (Note: Use only the screws provided with the new window, as longer screws could damage the window frame).
  • It is recommended that you cap seal or run a fine bead of caulk around the exterior perimeter of the window to provide an additional barrier to the elements.

Step 4.Enjoy your new windows.

  • Now that your new window is properly secured and sealed you are ready to get back out on the road.

Thanks for choosing Vintage technologies!